February Is Frost Seeding Month For Many Farmers

It’s time to frost seed your pastures if they’re exhibiting symptoms of wear and tear, such as open ground, more weeds than grass, overgrazing last fall, or mud damage this winter. Frost seeding is a simple and economical approach to rehabilitate overgrazed or weather-damaged livestock pastures and hayfields without tilling or disturbing existing grasses and […]

20 Farming Safety Tips

You’re correct if you believe agricultural safety is someone else’s problem. When the tractors they were driving crushed them, it was Bill and Angie’s fault. It was Roger’s problem when he became entangled in a PTO shaft, and it was mine when I leaped over a fence just ahead of an enraged sow. These are […]

The Future of Vertical Farming

Imagine coming into your neighborhood grocery store on a chilly January day to purchase freshly gathered lettuce, fragrant basil, juicy sweet strawberries, and beautiful red tomatoes, all of which were collected only hours before you arrived at a local farm. You could imagine purchasing fresh vegetables from vertical farms, where farmers can grow year-round indoors […]